We are travelers and we are inspired by the colorful and eclectic styles of women all around the world. They show us what sexy looks like and what femininity means, and we never cease to be inspired!

Traditional lingerie wasn’t speaking to us so we decided to create something sexy and fun; wearable lingerie for going out clubbing, attending festivals, or simply spicing things up in the bedroom. And so, EXES LINGERIE was born. We strive to create unique and liberating designs that empower all those who wear them; no matter the body type. We offer a product that is new and edgy, but that is also easy to wear and versatile. The results are a mash up of Lady Gaga meets Bad Bitch while making her way to Burning Man on a flaming chariot.

See-through mesh, curve-hugging straps, and shiny fabrics are put together to make sure you dominate in the bedroom AND under the flashing lights.
We are dedicated to offering the best quality clothing along with remarkable customer service and attention to details. We listen to our customers to ensure they receive a garment that fits their needs; Always durable, impeccably fitted, comfortable, and priced within their budget. We think it is very important for customers to know that when you buy handmade lingerie, you are not only supporting the artist and their team, you are receiving a personalized service.

As a woman, it is important for me to feel excited when I'm slipping into lingerie, but I also strive to feel playful and passionate. A sexy woman to me is the combination of those feelings, not boring and not too provocative; a woman that shows just the right balance between sexy and playful. That is truly what we love!
(A)  BUST 29-32'' 31-34'' 34-37'' 36-39''
(B)  WAIST 23-26'' 25-28'' 27-30'' 29-33''
(C)  LOW HIPS 31-35'' 35-38'' 37-40'' 39-42''
(D)  TORSO 52-55'' 56-59'' 59-62'' 62-65''